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Hannah trashes the dress!

If you’ve been following my stories this evening then you will see that we’ve been knee deep in sea water and wedding attire!

Hannah & Scott braved the Cornish cold so that we could get some ‘trash the dress’ shots. This was so much bloody fun and I highly recommend it!!

'Trash the dress'

-"Trash the dress", also known as "fearless bridal" or "rock the frock", is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant feminine clothing with an environment in which it is out of place creating a photo essay of contrast, beauty, and dramatic transformation. It is generally shot in the style of fashion or glamour photography. Such photography often takes place on a beach, but other locations often include lakes and streams, city streets, rooftops, water falls, muddy fields, tub-shower units, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings. The woman often wears a ball gown, prom dress or wedding dress, and may effectively "trash" the dress in the process by getting it wet, dirty, or, in extreme circumstances, tearing, cutting, or destroying the garment, or entire outfit. However, in the great majority of these photo-sessions, the dress is not ruined and is easily cleaned.[1]

The motivation for brides is symbolic representing the end of the wedding and her transformation of a bride to a wife rather than storing it forever never to be seen again. After-all, the wedding the dress has no other uses. The session can include her husband, the bridal party or flower girl and can be romantic, elegant, comical, and even sensual.


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