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Meet Olivia & Tobias

Welcome! My name is Olivia and I am the founding Photographer behind Olivia WR Fine-Art Photography! I have been Photographing weddings, Events & Fashion for around seven years now, frequently joined by my partner Tobias, a Media & photography Lecturer. Weddings have always been occasions that have fascinated and drawn me in; I love the quirks, the beauty, the passion & the romance, but most of all, I love that every wedding is completely original.

My time shooting weddings began shortly after finishing my Photography degree at Falmouth University, where I was enrolled with Tobias.

I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take my photography in, a dilemma that swiftly dissolved after photographing a family wedding at the very last minute. Ever since that wedding, I can safely say that I have never looked back.

I go out of my way to not be a distraction, fitting in with the wedding party and taking discreet & informal photographs where possible. I love to capture the moments that are missed, the conversations that are forgotten and the laughter & love that radiates around the room.

Film-like tones and colours really resonate with my style; I take great care when editing each image to ensure that they flow perfectly as a gallery. I like to think that my style is very natural and authentic. I aim to capture ever moment, sometimes posed, often natural & then to deliver an album that can be truly cherished forever.

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